Blend of English and Mother tongue

Apart from teaching English subjects, we are enforcing the teachers to talk in English and native language in other academic subjects. This will enable the kid to learn more on spoken English.

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Structured Academics

Teachers are well trained on Lesson planning and teach academics with stories and Activities. Also teachers are well trained on motivating the kid in learning academic lessons.

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Build Good Behavior

As we know the school is the best place to teach the morality, giving respect, and buildup leadership qualities in the kid, we are following set of guidelines for the teachers to teach the same.

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Activity Based Learning

Practical activities and teach with small stories will help the Kids in learning quickly and remember. Hence the teachers are trained and monitored by the management for effective implementing the same.

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School premises is very clean and hygienic. The Study of kids mental development says, kids mental development happens with more exposure to the environment. By keeping this in mind management came up with very spacious, hygienic and safe play ground. Kids will love a lot to play here



This is the time the kids will appreciate the stories. Management has trained the teachers to create the interest in kids for listening and reading. The teaching of letters and words building happens in these courses.


Primary and College Education (State Syllabus)

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CBSE (Central) Syllabus)

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About Us

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